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A question to FlexibleFactory about FileReference.load

Since I could not place a comment on your site, http://www.flexiblefactory.co.uk/flexible/, unless I login your site, I am asking you here. I am happy if you would give me any suggestions;

I enjoyed your latest post, How to load MP3 files from a FileReference. However this did not work in the Internet (e.g., http://boreal-kiss.com/xxx.swf), while it does work locally (not a local site but a simple browsing test). When the swf file run in the network, the FileReference.load (or some similar method) gives an “IllegalOperationError #2014: Feature is not available at this time”. So the question is “did you verify whether your program work even in the Internet?”.

I am curious about that as I also failed to run a simple FileReference.load for loading image files in remote realm (that works locally).

PS., I found a problem that a SWF file release-built by Flex Builder 3 does not work while that debug-built by does, although both of which are compiled for Flash Player 10. I didn’t solve the detail, but I could upload SWFs working well on my website! Thanks a lot.

  1. spender says: 2008年5月30日9:32 AM

    It works on the internet. I think if you create a “release build” in flexbuilder, it does not work. Try using compiler option -debug=false and -optimize=true in your project settings (which is equivalent to release build), and publishing the debug version. I think this will work. I think this is a problem with Flexbuilder.

  2. admin says: 2008年5月31日4:03 AM

    Thanks for a kind suggestion, spender.
    Removing its debug info is a nice idea. I will use the option.

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